Encrypt your files and store them on the cloud



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If you are looking for a tool that can encode any type of files, no matter the format or the size, and that is capable of saving them on the cloud, then you are looking for a program like Secryptor.

The program couldn't be any simpler: you just need to choose if you want to encrypt or decrypt the file. It's as easy as just selecting the option you want to use and inserting your password.

If you want to encrypt your file, you just have to choose a password to convert your file into a special format that only Secryptor can read. To undo the changes, you just have to select the location of the file and insert the password.

When you encrypt your documents, you can do it directly on Dropbox, or on a local folder if you prefer that. Storing your safe files on the cloud really is a piece of cake with Secryptor.
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